Snow racket expeditions are a popular sport that offers a ...


Snow racket expeditions are a popular sport that offers a great outdoors entertainment, low impact exercise and an excellent way to explore the beauties of the winter in Andorra walking on the snow. They help us not to submerge in the soft snow, and they will give us adherence if the snow is hard or iced. Even when the ski slopes have to close, we can still walk throughout the mountains. They give us immediately access to great views and nature in the middle of the Pyrenees.
You will enjoy the silence in harmony with the nature walking on the untouched snow without submerging in it, giving us enormous possibilities for exploration of the environment.
Here are some of your own clothes and equipment you should bring with you: water proof anorak or rain coat, gloves, sturdy footwear (mountain snow boots) a small rucksack, sun glasses, energy bars, sun cream, any medicine you may be using, camera or video camera, (recommendable).

You must be seven years or older to take part. If you have younger children, consult the guides. 

Transport: prívate

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