Renting a snow motor and going on an excursion through ...


Renting a snow motor and going on an excursion through the virgin Pyrenees mountains is a thrilling experience for practically every one who tries it. It is an activity that everybody can do and it requires no special skill.  

The snow motor excursions can last up to two hours, and they go along different routes through the Andorran mountains. The group on the excursion is accompanied by a guide who leads the way - the others follow him or her - and makes sure every one can drive their snow-motor. They also help any one who may have a problem. Depending on the number in the group, another guide can bring up the rear and act as reinforcement.    

The excursions go through natural landscapes giving you the chance to enjoy the beauty, the forests and the spectacular peaks. To rent a snow motor you have to be at least 18 years old and have a driving license. Those under age can go in the company of an adult. 

The Himàlaia guides will make a reservation for you so that you can take part whenever you wish during your stay with us. All you have to do is state this when you make a reservation online or at your arrival at the hotel, or ask our guides and they will inform you of all the possibilities and routes. 

Be daring and enjoy snow-motoring. Guests are asking to go out on excursions all through the winter: they are very much in demand.
Your own particular clothes and equipment you should bring: water proof anorak or rain coat, gloves, sturdy footwear (mountain snow boots) a small rucksack, sun glasses, energy bars, sun cream, any medicine you may be using, camera or video camera, (recommendable).

Minimum age to participate: children can go with adults.

Transport: private vehicles

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