An off roader is a practical means of transport for ...


An off roader is a practical means of transport for getting to the most out of the way natural beauty spots.
We and the guides are as always true to our commitment to respect the environment. They only go along tracks authorized for motor vehicles. 

By going out on a HimàlaiaEXPERIENCE guided trek you have the opportunity to see the natural beauty surrounding the hotels driving along the tracks and paths that cross the land. 

You can go as a driver or as a passenger on a Jeep 4x4 ride. Our guides are always with you. They will show you the open spaces and allow you to visit places it would have been difficult to discover by yourself. It is not easy to find marmots (ground squirrels) digging their own dens or eating in their natural habitats. 

On our weekly activity panel you can see what time and day the activity takes place on, and it is easy to make your reservation. The jeep excursions are also part of the "Himàlaiaexperience" activity pack and you can reserve it individually on line or when you arrive at the hotel. Just give one day's notice. 

On a Jeep 4x4 excursion you can also link up with rafting. The Himàlaia guides will arrange this for you, depending on availability on the weekly plan. The guides can take you on an excursion across the Spanish border on a forest track to Sort. Years ago this was a route for tobacco smugglers. Once in Sort you will be able to practice rafting, a wonderful experience you are never likely to forget.

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