The rock climbing paths (vías Ferratas) are just this: set ...


The rock climbing paths (vías Ferratas) are just this: set against walls there are many devices so you can scale them: cable hand rails, iron steps and Tibet bridges. Everything is designed so you can go along them or up them, always protected by the best safety measures. This sport, halfway between mountain-climbing and rock climbing, tests your agility and ability to get up a rock face. It is another opportunity to admire the beauty of the landscape from high up.  

The HimàlaiaExperience guides have been practicing this sport for many years. They offer our guests the opportunity to try it out with a climb going up from 150 to 400 metres; these are the starter or the advanced levels. All the routes have all necessary safety equipment, so all you have to do is concentrate on having a good time. Normally this activity is part of the hotels' week's planned activities or the pack of HimàlaiaExperience activities. 

You can reserve this activity whenever you wish. Just tell us when making your reservation, or at the hotel reception with two day's notice. Then the guides of Himàlaia will give you all the information necessary 

All you need is to be keen to have a new climbing experience. Feel the thrill of the top. We provide all the equipment and take all the safety measures. You just have to make your mind up and come along to try it.

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