Dog sledging across the snow was a means of transport ...


Dog sledging across the snow was a means of transport that was invented because of the necessity to move around over the vast snow covered areas of the countries of the North. 

Mountain regions and the Pyrenees in general , with its sharp peaks, do not have a strong tradition in this type of transport. However, with the arrival of large numbers of tourists, dog sledges are becoming more popular, crossing majestic snow covered fields which allow the dogs to pick up speed.  

The musher, or sledge guide, drives a pack of Nordic dogs, which may be of different breeds: the Alaska Malamute, the Samoyedo and the Siberian Husky. These animals have exceptional stamina, are completely adapted to the wintry conditions and have an innate instinct for pulling a sledge.

Taking part in "Mushing" will take you on an enjoyable trip through incredible natural landscapes in the company of these dogs. Today they are a natural part of the winter landscape of the Andorran mountains.

The Nordic ski circuits of Grandvalira and Vallnord, where there are vast spaces of snow covered land, are the perfect place where these dogs, trained by the musher, can run. He controls and guides them as they run across the snowy meadows.  

The Himàlaia guides will make a reservation for you so that you can go out on an excursion whenever you wish during your stay with us. All you have to do is tell us when you make a reservation online or at your arrival at the hotel, or you can get information from our guides, who will tell you of all the possibilities and routes. Tell us when you make a reservation on line.

You will need some special clothes: warm coat, gloves and suitable shoes, mountain r snow boots, sun cream, any medicine you may need for yourself, camera or video camera, recommended.

You can get your reservation voucher and all necessary information from the reception of your HimàlaiaExperience hotel. 

The minimum age for taking part: 5 years (the children go inside the sledge with the guide)

Transport: private cars

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