Hiking in the mountains is the star activity of the ...


Hiking in the mountains is the star activity of the Himàlaia Experience hotels. When going on a hike with our guides along a route, the objective of the hike is not just to get to the place you set out for, but also to enjoy nature along the way and the silence of the valleys, mountain peaks, the wildlife and the flowers.

You can come on a hike with us any day. You just have to sign up the afternoon before to take part in an excursion forming part of our weekly activities schedule. When you arrive at your HimàlaiaExperience hotel, ask for information on the excursions and activities we offer every day, and just sign up. 

The excursions are from 9.00 in the morning to 13.00, and are under the supervision of a professional guide from Himàlaia Experience. Each day different routes are available and the requirements and technical details can be read on the board. In the hotel reception there is a list on which you can see the week's planning for hikes. 

You will need some of your own special clothes; comfortable clothes, mountain boots, warm anorak, water to drink, energy bars, sun cream, cap, any medicine you may need for yourself, camera or video camera, recommended.
You can reserve a picnic at the hotel: it will contain a large ham sandwich, ½ litre of water, juice, one piece of fruit, 1 energy bar and a bag of dried fruit. 
You have to be at least seven to come on a hike.  

Transport to get to the starting point. In private car or with the HimàlaiaExperience jeeps (if there are places available).

For more information, contact our fantastic team of guides Himàlaia Experience in activitatshimalaia@hotansa.ad