At HimàlaiaExperience hotels we want you to have great sensations in the waters of the Pyrenees.
The best place for this exciting fun activity is in Sort, in the county of PallarsSobirà. Rafting is often included as part of the weekly plan of "HimàlaiaExperience" activities.
After changing in the changing rooms of the SORT-RIALP rafting companies, the descent starts in the village of Llavorsí. Before setting out the Capitan of the boat and guide will explain the safety rules.
Rafting means forming a team. In each boat there are 4 to 7 people as well as the guide, who sits in the back so he can steer it. He or she will steer the boat at a good pace all the trip, which normally goes over lasts 14km and you are going down for 1,5h to 3h (it depends on the river flow)
You will have to take some of your own clothes and equipment: comfortable clothes, swimming costume, towel, sun cream, any medicine you may need for yourself, camera or video camera, recommended.

For more information, contact our fantastic team of guides Himàlaia Experience in activitatshimalaia@hotansa.ad