Himàlaia Hotels offers you the possibility to enjoy a pleasant trip on horseback with your family or friends. 

You can choose horse riding as part of the "Himàlaia Experience" pack of activities, or you can directly make a booking when you make a reservation on line, or you can reserve it one day before in the hotel reception.  

The horseback rides start from l' Aldosa stables situated in La Massana parish. You can choose from horse rides for adults, or pony rides for children over the age of six. All ages will have a great time, be they children, a group of friends or families. 
A normal trek lasts about 3 kilometres, that's one hour. You can choose longer rides, and there is a route for everyone, both beginners and experienced riders. You will feel at peace as you trek across the land, so near to the forests and the mountains.

For more information, contact our fantastic team of guides Himàlaia Experience in